Helpful iPhone Apps for Nursing Students

  1. 0 What is some of the best apps you have found for iPhone? A lot of times I can't take my books to study or clinicals so I am trying to find helpful apps? What's your favorite or one you have found you can't live/study without?
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    My school requires that we buy a subscription to Skyscape. I have to say, it's expensive but worth it! It has pretty much everything you need including the Davis Drug guide, IV medications, Labs, physiology and etiology of diagnosis. The only thing that's missing is a nursing diagnosis app, but I've found a good (cheap!) one called NursingCarePlans, so I'm covered!
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    We have Nursing Central by Unbound Medicine. It sounds similar to Skyscape. It has diagnostics, labs, Taber's dictionary, Davis drug guide and journals. It's a great resource
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    Thanks for the info... I seen nursing central, but really don't want to pay $160... But if its worth it and saves me from carrying a ton of books (or none at all in some places) I in.
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    I was lucky and got it "free" through is nice to have.

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