helpful iPhone apps.

  1. Hi,
    I am curious to know what iphone apps. everyone uses to help with studying/classes? I have not found any that are too helpful yet.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   That Guy
    For studying...none.

    Clinicals on the other hand I use epocrates, skyscape, med calc and one other. Oh and pandora for my break.
  4. by   Austrya
    I use gWhiz (pro, I think). It's an app that lets you make custom flashcards.
  5. by   shrimpchips
    there is one called iMurmur that is pretty good imo.
  6. by   morningland
    Awesome topic!

    I have sooooo many apps I can reccommend:

    1. iTalk lite - this is a voice recorder that is WAY better then the installed iPhone app. You can name you recordings in the app, choose the quality/file size and wirelessly transfer the recordings to your computer... all of which you can't do on the origonal app. It's free too! This has been an AMAZING study tool for recording lectures. Now instead of reading hundreds of text and scrambling to take perfect notes in class, I get some "skeleton notes" in lecture then re-listen to the lecture and "re-fine" my notes thus learning only the important topics.

    2. Orange or Apple Flashcards- this is a great flashcard tool... much better then all the other apps in the store and cheaper (i think only a dollar or two). You can enter the flashcards in by hand through the app or through excel or any spreadsheet program. Row a is side one and Row b is side two, so you just cut and paste your notes into excell, copy them to a page on the companys website then wirelessly transfer them to your phone. Takes only 20-30 mins to create awesome flashcards that can be viewed in landscape, finger swipe flips the card and goes to different ones and your can suffle them, repeat ones you got wrong and so much more. VERY USEFUL

    3. Anatomy and Drug pronuncations - For 3 dollars each you get perfect recordings of the correct way to pronounce those impossable drugs... so cool. They have a free version too but once you use it, you will want to buy the full version.

    4. Med Calculator - nuff said, it's free too.

    Those are the main ones I use
  7. by   cisa04
    Thanks guys! I will check this out soon.
  8. by   JJRN09
    I have a NCLEX -RN Wiz Flash Cards apps that I use to quiz myself.
    Also Nursetabs helps with clinical it even has nursing diagnoses.
    Then there is Board Review which helps with NCLEX too.
    I also have an ABG calculator that was free
  9. by   Silverdragon102
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  10. by   Sand_Dollar
    i use gwhiz pro too - you can download lists other people have done or make your own using study stack. You then just download the list to your phone, its great! It's one of the few apps I ever paid for (4.99)