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Hi Everyone, My gf is a nursing student and I see her constantly looking up stuff in PDR, textbooks, and the internet. I would really like to buy her something to help her out in nursing school and also in clinicals that is... Read More

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    I just wondered if you had bought the Davis Drug Guide or the Lab Values manual? If yes, what did you thnk of them?
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    DolceVita --

    no, I am still pre-nursing so i use it for mostly terminology

    My latest use is as a voice recorder for lectures...ordered the easyswitch microphone from amazon ($12.99) and the voice record app from itunes ($1.99) and I am hoping this will keep me from having to buy a separate recorder for lectures.

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    Quote from Dianacabana
    I don't know about an answer to your question but you are a GREAT bf. Could my husband take some lessons from you? Your gf is lucky.
    I agree
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    Hi everyone I am a new nursing student. What are some of the reasons why I would need such applications on my phone during clinicals. What do you all recommend ? I have a htc hero phone it is a android phone. I did see a app called Davis Drug Guide for $49 . I am willing to pay for it if someone can give me some insight on why it will be useful. Plz explain.