Good iPhone app for meds?

  1. Anyone know a good iPhone app for medications?

    I'd like these specific features:

    1. Tells me the med's max dose per day
    2. Tells me what route I can administer the medication in (IV, subQ, etc)
    3. IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, lets me know a good alternative for the med (ie. benadryl to sub tylenol)

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  3. by   ukjenn231
    I use Medscape, it tells you the max dose and the routes of administration, very thorough, and its free.
  4. by   DianeClapp
    Micromedex drug Information, TABER'S MEDICAL DICTIONARY!!!!!!,, TABER'S cyclopedia Medical Dictionary!!!!,
    I have a message into my son who.s completing his MSN. Following in Mom's footsteps. Will get back to you when I hear from him.

    Chris (son) texted me. He suggested EPOCRATESJ(I have the app but haven"t used it yet.

    However the "Big Gun" i IS S K Y S C A P E. !!!!!!!!!!!!!. it's an awesome app, however pricey yet can be downloaded by THREE OR FOUR people which then decreases price drastically. Not sure if a hardcover comes with it,

    Cost is approx $180.00 but not sure all resources included. it doesn't appear that way on my I5Phone. Should have used my Mac to reply using my IPad that I just started "playing with" today. Don't like it! Lots of typos, my apologies. Font is extremely small,,,,

    Any ?"s text me at 559-905-3043. Text me with khkwhat it's regarding, GOOD LUCK,

    If I could afford it in it.'s entirety I definitelyvwouldnpurchase SKYSCAPE even after being an RN for 19' years.

    Lastly, this is somewhat personal for all of us RNs, LET US NEVER, EVER FORGET TO "CARE" truly CARE for each patient we have or encounter.
    Advocate for ea one As if they were your mom,dad,child etc,

    Good luck in your endeavors
    Diane, RN

    Just saw ny education is non nursing. mr Mac here I come! LOL
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  5. by   Su Su Maw
    The best app for me is iTunes U. You can get enough education concern with your interesting.
  6. by   Su Su Maw
  7. by   Pikake
    Davis Drug Guide app $39.99 yearly. I use it all the time.
  8. by   FLDoula
    I'm still a student but use the Davis Drug Guide armynursey was talking about. I had free subscriptions to it and to Taber's and Davis' Diagnostic and Labs. When the subscription expired last December the kids got me Unbound Medicine's Nursing Central. It's $159 per year and has all of the above on it plus more. I chose it over Skyscape because when I was exploring options Nursing Central lets you transfer your subscription to a new phone or computer. Skyscape did not. That may have changed.
    I have access to Davis and the rest of my Nursing Central thru phone, ipad, and computer. I use it extensively in clinicals.

    Micromedix is another one I have....and it's FREE!
  9. by   Orca
    I haven't used Epocrates, but a psychiatrist I worked with swore by it.
  10. by   Nurse Kyles
    I love the Davis drug guide. It is very user friendly & saved me a lot of time when I had to make drug cards in nursing school.
  11. by   green34
    Micromedex Drug Information is free and it will tell you the routes and the max dosage on some meds (I haven't looked for that on all of the drugs). I haven't had issues on it yet.
  12. by   beachgirlLPN
    I like figure1
  13. by   blueyesue
    I really like Medical Wizards. They have a lot of apps including Davis Drug Guide, Pearson Nurse's Drug Guide, IV drug guides, Prentice Hall Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests, among others. I use it all the time.
  14. by   deleern
    I like Epocrates, it also has the Cost of the meds. I have used it for years.