Good iPhone app for meds? - page 2

Anyone know a good iPhone app for medications? I'd like these specific features: 1. Tells me the med's max dose per day 2. Tells me what route I can administer the medication in (IV, subQ, etc) 3. IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, lets... Read More

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    I like figure1

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    I really like Medical Wizards. They have a lot of apps including Davis Drug Guide, Pearson Nurse's Drug Guide, IV drug guides, Prentice Hall Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests, among others. I use it all the time.
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    I like Epocrates, it also has the Cost of the meds. I have used it for years.
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    i use the micromedex really good and its free!
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    Epocrates and Micromedex. Free and easy to use.

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