Getting Word Documents Into iPod Touch

  1. Hey there, tech nurses. Need your assistance.

    What recommendations could you pass on for getting Word docs into an iPod 4G? I'd like to carry some personal notes and other reference materials on the road with me... also maybe even make minor edits to these materials as well.

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  3. by   dailybungalow
    I use dropbox for my documents, although they are read only from the iPod. I like that I can access my documents anywhere. It is free for a certain amount of storage, which I have not used up even with all of the projects and .pdf articles that I've put in there. I'd love to hear of an app that allows editing.
  4. by   chare
    documents to go for ipad, iphone and ipod touch

    although i have never used the apple version, i do have this on my android phone. while it is not as functional as the original microsoft program, it does allow you perform basic editing of word, excel, and powerposint files.
  5. by   darlink
    I uses google docs. That way you can have access to your docs from amywhere. I uses note master to sync and keep them on my iPhone.
  6. by   Brian
    I absolutely love dropbox I've used it for a few years, and highly recommend it, the simplicity of it is just beautiful and it's free for up to 2GB of data. I have it on all my computers, then I can access my files from anywhere. Can't recommend it enough. Dropbox also has there own app to access your docs and you click the favorite icon and it stores a copy on your device. Very slick.

    Google Docs is another good options as well, been using that for years as well.

    There are several apps that allow you to access both of these platforms with ease of use. I like the GoodReader App

    Hope that helps.
  7. by   Havin' A Party!
    Thanks again folks.

    Just found a video on QuickOffice (under $10) that looks interesting.

    Time to start shopping for the Pod now.

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