Free iPod touch w/ Macbook deal in 2010??

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    I know this awesome deal has existed in the past, usually from May to September. Has anyone seen anything for this year? I can't find it on the website and Mother's Day Weekend is not the weekend I want to be at the mall in the Apple store or trying to call them on the phoen!!Thanks,Christina

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    I was just at Apple and was looking at the new MacBooks & MacBook Pro's, here in Vegas. At least here right now they are offering only a free printer with the Macbooks, and with the Pro's its a free printer and a software of your choice off of a list.

    I wish they were doing the iTouch's again. I have the iphone, but we all know phone policies at work.

    Hope this helped.
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    I have been keeping a keen eye on it. The last two years it was in late May a few days before month end. I wasn't a student the last time the sale was on, but now I am so I definitely want to take advantage of the deal. Apple has a placeholder page that I assume will be changed once the sale starts.

    Apple Back to School - Education Store - Apple Store (U.S.)
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    Yes, in doing some more searching, I found a lot of info that pointed to the sale starting later in the summer. **fingers crossed**
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    It has been every summer at least the last 4 or 5 years, but it is only for students and educational pricing. However, even PTA members qualified. You do *not* have to be full-time to get the incentive. I usually wait until August when my state has a tax-free weekend and then I double-up on the offers.
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    Hey guys, they just started the sale today! The link is below:
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    Awesome! I am going to wait until I see if I even get into the nursing program before I do this. Even with getting just the Macbook, with printer and touch (both of which have rebates) I'm looking at a $1300 shell out cost!!!

    I want to make sure I deserve it, first!!!

    BTW, sale goes til 9/7. I'm just mad FL did away with the sales tax free weekend in August. Tax alone is almost $100!!!

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