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  1. Hi! I have been browsing what things will come in handy when I'm in nursing school, and several people mentioned a PDA (or a phone with such capacity) like a Blackberry or an iTouch/iPhone. I'm leaning toward the iTouch, so no one can question me about the phone at the hospital. But I'm wondering, how much memory do you recommend? Not sure how much those Skyscape etc. apps take up. Apple offers an 8GB for $199, and a 32GB for $299. Ouch! I don't want to be stuck with not enough room, but don't want to pay $299, either.

    I won't be storing any music on it ...

    Any advice is appreciated.

    Also, your favorite Skyscape apps? Or other companies?

    Thanks for the input!
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  3. by   That Guy
    8GB will be plenty if you arent gonna put any music or games, movies on it.
  4. by   jelizabeth
    Thanks! Any software or apps you favor?
  5. by   That Guy
    Epocrates, medcalc, tabers med dictionary, skyscape, unit converter

    and of course, pandora for music.
  6. by   Silverdragon102
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  7. by   eerobb
    Go itouch all the way. I have had experience (I just replied to another similar post with all the details) with itouch, BB, palm/windows mobile and the itouch is much more aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and much lighter in your pocket. Your 8 GB is plenty- I have my software and some music on mine and still have lots of room.

    As for software check out skyscape. I purchased the "nursing constellation" pack that has everything you need in it, and its been great! Good luck
  8. by   sandnnw
    If you go w/touch, be sure to check out Medscape for iphone/touch. Free, up2date, you will LUV it.

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