Favorite iPad apps for 2013 for student or RN, need suggestions

  1. I just got a iPad 4. I am looking for good apps, not only for nursing school, but for nursing and the medical field in general. Free or paid. I have seen some other threads about apps, but they were older so I thought it would be good to get fresh ideas. I don't want to plug up my iPad with a bunch of mediocre apps. I read the reviews before purchasing, but so many either love or hate an app. That is not a big deal when it is free, but I don't have money to waste

    If you are/were a student, what apps did you find most beneficial and how did you use it?

    If you are a nurse, what apps do you like and are you able to use them with your patients?
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
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    I didn't realize there was yet an iPad 4, I thought there was the "new" iPad (iPad 3) and iPad mini...but I'm lucky I know the iPad exists.

    As far as apps, free I like Medscape because you can download full content and not require internet/wifi access later (aside from photos that require internet access) there is also Micromedex Drug information and MPR for drug information. Skyscape has both paid and free components to the app. I also like the free ARUP Consult for lab information.

    Nursing Central is a pad app but with many resources (not cheap but if you elect to not renew, you can access the resources until you delete the app but cannot update the references until you renew the annual subscription)

    As far as apps I use with my patients, as a pediatric nurse doing skilled home health/PDN I don't use medical apps but more cognition and functional apps like drawing, Sound Touch, speech buttons, MusicColor, PaintSparkles, DoodleBuddy, Disney apps that correlate with my patients' therapy objectives. MedScape, Skyscape and the free version of epocrates (on my iPod touch) have been helpful in multiple situations to check drug calculations, review condition information/parent teaching, review drug information for parent teaching. Not to mention the calendar and to-do list apps for keeping my own life in check.
  4. by   Bouncyball
    I love micromedex. It's a free app our entire school uses instead of a drug book. I also use nursetabs med surg for getting all my info for clinical prep sheets all in one place. It has pathophysiology, signs and symptoms, what to assess for, complications, nursing diagnosis goals and interventions for every disease imaginable. It's ten dollars but I would have happily paid way more for it.

    MD ezlabs is another great free app. It has all the labs in it and says what will cause a value to be high or low.