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Epocrates Rx Pro

  1. 0 Hi, I just purchased Epocrates Rx Pro because I read that I could do IV compatability checks with it. I'll be ***** but I cannot figure out how to do it. Can someone give me step by step instructions because I am getting very frustrated. I did do an internet search, found instructions, but there's no big red "M"!!! HELP. Thanks in advance
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    on my iphone , theres a banner at the bottom... touch interactions. press the + button and type in your meds. Press view interacions. Hope that helps, Ivanna
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    Thanks Ivanna Nurse, I have a Droid phone and I tried what you suggested and no results. I am getting very frustrated. I have an e-mail into Epocrates, I hope they can help me out.
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    ePocrates also has a live web chat - I found that very useful and they were very nice.