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  1. 0 hello

    plz leme know the nursing books which are available online..
    also which one to pick from the following - skyscape, unbound, epocrates etc.
    are they available on iphone or blackberry platform ??
    plz help.
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    By "online" do you mean available to read online?


    An electronic copy purchased online?


    PDF/CHM files that you can download for free?

    All 3 are out there... play with Google and you'll find examples of each.
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    I know for a fact that epocrates is available for Blackberry.

    Check out their websites, it should tell you what platforms they support.

    I blieve they all try to support all major platforms.
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    I like Skyscape because they give the PC version free when you purchace the mobile version. A few of my texts were online. LWW has theirs online at the point. I never even opened my psych text except to get the code.
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    Thank you 4 ur suggestions
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    Moved to mobile computing forum Much already here on programs and ebooks

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