Do you recommend any nursing podcasts on iTunes

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    Do you recommend any podcasts, or nursing stuff (glossary's, education) I can put on my ipod, so i can listen while going about my daily activities...I am starting a CNA class and want to be a RN in the future, so I would like to know what helps you, also , i have a samsung instinct (sprint). Anything I can put on it would be helpful (It doesn't have all the cool apps like the iPhone....Thank You....:flowersfo
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    There is a really interesting podcast called Microbiology Bytes.
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    here is nursing podcast ....covers information that is important for nursing students

    All of Doc C podcasts are good.....more advanced but he is a great instructor and makes it easier to understand ...he also has a pathopysiology podcast that i listen to

    just copy and paste into your web adress area and it will open up your itunes
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    Thanks for the links, I'm checking some of them out right now!