Do you recommend any nursing podcasts on iTunes

  1. Do you recommend any podcasts, or nursing stuff (glossary's, education) I can put on my ipod, so i can listen while going about my daily activities...I am starting a CNA class and want to be a RN in the future, so I would like to know what helps you, also , i have a samsung instinct (sprint). Anything I can put on it would be helpful (It doesn't have all the cool apps like the iPhone....Thank You....:flowersfo
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  3. by   DogCrazy
    There is a really interesting podcast called Microbiology Bytes.
  4. by   bellafea
    here is nursing podcast ....covers information that is important for nursing students

    All of Doc C podcasts are good.....more advanced but he is a great instructor and makes it easier to understand ...he also has a pathopysiology podcast that i listen to

    just copy and paste into your web adress area and it will open up your itunes
  5. by   Lennonninja
    Thanks for the links, I'm checking some of them out right now!