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Weighing my options on buying my first Smartphone and best cell phone provider. I want a smartphone that easily handles various nursing apps (which I'm also exploring). Leaning toward Sprint's 4G... Read More

  1. by   PacoUSA
    Quote from CT Pixie
    and now you can have an iphone without being with AT&T. Verizon just announced that in Feb 2011, the iphone will be available. Of course, I just bought a Droid because my carrier (Verizon) didn't have the iphone and I didn't want to go to AT&T. Murphy's Law with me. But I have to say I love my Droid..HTC Incredible for me.
    I have the HTC Incredible too, I think it's a great phone. However, the battery life is my crutch!! And the fact that iPhone apps are developed way before those for Android is very frustrating for me. I'm very happy I never left Verizon for the iPhone on sucky AT&T ... I'm hanging on to the Incredible until the Verizon iPhone 5 comes, whenever that will be. I believe as a nurse or nursing student, the iPhone is the way to go.
  2. by   CCL RN
    Based on history, iphone5 should be arriving in June.
    iPhones make other phones look like little girls. Everyone wants to dog the iPhone, and they can go ahead. We know the truth

    And itunes has far more apps than anyone else.