Davis Drug Guide/non internet drug book

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    I have an iPod touch and want a nursing drug guide that can be accessed offline. I have used the Davis Drug book and computer application and like them a lot but can't seem to find if their app will work without an internet connection, don't want to pay $40 to find out it doesn't ^_^

    Anyone know or can recommend me one that does?

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    I used the Nursing Constellation on a "old fassioned PDA" and yes it had to be updated once in a while but that was done on line....I would check with them Via email and ask the question. It askes what you are going to download it on.
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    I use Davis Drug Guide through the Skyscape app on an android based phone. I just put my phone on airplane mode (no network connection), and was able to access it. I imagine you would want to connect periodically to the network to check for updates, but it might work ok.

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