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Ok one of the requirements for Nursing School is a PDA. I know there is a bunch of discussions about PDA's but I have a specific one. I am highly debating on either getting the DROID ERIS or the... Read More

  1. by   eerobb

    I would say unless you have a strong aversion to the ipod go with that. I have gone through a dell (windows mobile) PDA, a palm, a blackberry (which is impossible and a waste), and now to an ipod touch. The ipod is much prettier, and:

    1. It is way lighter than most PDAs (keep in mind it will be in your scrub pockets most likely)
    2. The programs format much nicer on the ipod. They are more modern looking and clean, it is easier to navigate through them (no need for a stylus) They also switch to and from landscape mode automatically.
    3. The screen is very large compared to the surface area of the device (think about other PDAs) also the colors are much more clear and vivid.
    3. You can use WiFi if the hospital has it
    4. You can put music or other apps on it

    In my experience the ipod is much better, and the 8GB will be plenty of room.

    Good luck!