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Blackberry v's other PDA

  1. 0 Hi,

    I'm still on the hunt for some type of PDA.

    Can anyone give me the pros and cons of a blackberry over a touch screen type PDA (Palm, iPhone, IPAQ etc) or vice versa?
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    I would go with the iphone. Just got rid of my BB - it quit on me numerous times and I was forever rebooting it.
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    I really like my BB Storm, but I, too, always seem to be rebooting the thing. I think an Android is my future (June, 2010). Touchscreens work for me.
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    The iphone for me is out.
    The mims program that I need access to (it is the Aus drug reference bible) is web based on an iphone. And if I can't access the hospitals's internet then I have to use the mobile network.
    It costs about 300mb of data it is an extra $29 a month on top of the actual plan. Then for every mb over the 300 limit it costs $0.25 per mb.

    I have pretty much settled on the IPAQ. It seems to be the best one for me at the moment.
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    I have the Motorola Droid, and I LOVE it. The Android OS is far superior to the BB, or Windows Mobile (those are the other two OS I have experience with), as far as the nursing apps, all I have downloaded so far are the Skyscape ones, but as far as general functionality, I say Droid all the way!