Blackberry Vs iPhone for NS

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    Okay, I'm sure this is on here somewhere, but can't find it....I already have a bb curve. Is it worth getting the new i phone for nursing school? Does anyone have either and use them? If so, what for? Any advice on this would be great! Thanks! Kelli

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    Iphone! The medical apps are amazing, and its fun for stressful days. You have your entire career to be tied to a Blackberry-enjoy an iPhone. But be prepared to be scre-wed by apple.
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    I have the blackberry storm, after playing with my sons Ipod touch I bought one of those as well because I love the navigation on it so much better then my Blackberry. Since it's the Ipod touch I can only get internet where ever there is WiFi but the touch is everything the phone is without the actual phone part. If I had At&T I would have went with the Iphone over the Blackberry. I like some aspects of my BB but I am not that impressed with it.
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    I bought the ipod touch because I like the touch screen versus a stylus. Also, the ipod touch does not have a camera or phone on it so there is no chance of a HIPPA violation. I also know that some clinical sites frown upon phones used in the facility.
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    Personally, I think since you already have a BB, why spend the money now? Just get the apps you need for school for the BB via Skyscape, Unbound Medicine, etc. and wait until you get out and are working to see what you want.
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    traumaRS- Do you think I can get through NS without an I phone? Can I get the same resources (dictionary/ drug refs) on the BB? Kelli
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    You can get the many of the same apps for BB as for the other systems.

    I have a BB Storm and enjoy it. I have some fun games and have a good bit of music on it. I also own an ITouch and love it, too. The majority of my family is on Verizon, so the BB Storm was the best way for a phone for me. The actual network can be turned off and you can use most of your apps without the phone part.
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    War eagle for life--Thanks for the info! Roll tide!! :wink2: Kelli
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    Quote from conandcait
    traumaRS- Do you think I can get through NS without an I phone? Can I get the same resources (dictionary/ drug refs) on the BB? Kelli
    I graduated back in 92 just fine without a phone or computer!

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