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Okay, I'm sure this is on here somewhere, but can't find it....I already have a bb curve. Is it worth getting the new i phone for nursing school? Does anyone have either and use them? If so, what for? Any advice on this would be... Read More

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    Personally I'd not even worry about the references now. You'll have more than enough stuff with the books you have. Once YOU get into clinical and see what kind of things your looking up, then make decisions. It's not something that you have to have.

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    Quote from soulofme
    I graduated back in 92 just fine without a phone or computer!
    It is a very different world. I started in the 1990's, and finished in 2002. In just under eight years, I am back in school, and the difference is profound. All of my classes are "traditional," yet we are required to spend much time online. All of our homework, quizes, and discussion assignments are through an online service known as blackboard. New discussions and assignments are added at the drop of a hat. Additionally, all of my group assignments are easier because of SMS service. I can deal with several people, even though we live 100 or so miles away from eachother.

    It would be impossible to be a student without a computer and net access these days. A smartphone is not mandatory; however, my iPhone instantly tells me when I have email and I can deal with blackboard changes in real time, and I need not be anywhere near a WIFI router. I can also search and obtain info in realtime, and with my medical apps, I can reference diseases, treatment modalities, and pharmacology in real time. I have apps that keep me updated with the results of all the frontline EBM and current prospective studies.
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    Thanks everyone, for your helpful answers. I think my problem with my bb is that the internet accessibility is lacking. For example, I tried accessing my school's email system last semester, and couldnt access it. My friend was sitting there with her Palm pre, and got right on. I can check email, but it's not the same "system" as the iphones and others. In order to access an email attachement, I have to click on open this attachement and it may or may not open. If it's a movie, I can forget it!!! I have verizon and need to really check into what they offer. Thanks again!
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    I have the NEW blackberry curve and I LOVE it (TMobile had it starting in Feb and now AT &T got it in July). I get instant access with my email, my BB gets notified faster on my BB then even my laptop like by 3 seconds. It has wifi, and regular internet access. My school has WIFI access throughout the campus. Plus there are MANY apps for the BB. Plus I get FREE calls via wifi something that Iphone can't do, it doesn't come out of my call minutes but TMobile is the only service that has that option of calling through WiFi. Outlook, pdf, and word documents can be used with BB. BB is more of a corporate/business cellphone compared to the Iphone. I can get up to 32GB memory with a microSD card, and if they make larger mircoSD cards then the BB will conform to those storage limits. I have video and music stored on there and even lectures. Plus it takes wicked pictures and video since there is an autofocus 3.2 camera. There's SO much things you can do with BB just check out which is a forum and also has MANY apps on there that have been reviewed. BB has MMS and SMS messaging. Iphonw only SMS...I hate sending pics or messages to people with Iphone since they always tell me they can only receive it through email or HUH? Don't understand that. I can receive outlook, regular email, corporate email, SMS and MMS messaging and pics through all of those.

    I paid 0 for my phone not 300 or whatever Iphone users paid. Plus my monthly bill is less than Iphone users and I have unlimited text, pics, corporate emailm internet and data plan and all that and only pay about 60 bucks a month. I LOVE Tmobile.
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    Hi Cherish-
    I also have the BB curve. Through Verizon. I think my problem MAY be that I have not read any of the info that it came with. My husband had a bb curve previously and gave me a basic run through on it. Maybe I should pull out the box it came in.....hmmmmm... Thanks! Kelli
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    You will pay a bit more overall with the iPhone; however, the utility factor of the iPhone cannot be under-emphasized. The app store is the best developed, period. You have GPS, books, pod casts, the iPod experience, nearly any medical reference, games that rival PSP graphics, and one of the easiest and most intuitive interface systems overall.

    The Palm may be back in the game; however, there will be no real competition until Palm can have a solid third party application experience. While I respect BB and RIM as a company. BB simply cannot beat the Iphone experience. If you are willing to pay, the rewards are great. If not, you have other good platforms to consider.
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    Quote from conandcait
    Hi Cherish-
    I also have the BB curve. Through Verizon. I think my problem MAY be that I have not read any of the info that it came with. My husband had a bb curve previously and gave me a basic run through on it. Maybe I should pull out the box it came in.....hmmmmm... Thanks! Kelli

    Yea check out Or you can check out RIM's app store You'll see A BUNCH of apps and it's a forum where they review the apps and the phones, and people actually generate there own apps. BB has gps built into the phone or you can get googlemaps app. My bank has an app for BB and I can pay bills through that and so does my car insurance. A lot of people don't realize how many apps BB has, check out that forum above You'll see exactly what I'm talking about without paying extra money. If you feel like you want the Iphone well since you have a BB see about getting a used Ipod Touch or you can just get an Iphone and pay that money plus the cost of it per month and see which costs outweigh the benefits.

    A lot of my friends were like you and considering the Iphone but that's because they never knew what the BB offers and the potential. I showed them A LOT of stuff the BB can do and they looked at that forum and they were glad they didn't spend the money to get an Iphone since they just didn't know how to utilize the BB. Overall you WILL pay more for the Iphone, I have an Ipod Touch but don't really use it as it's hooked up to my Stereo System in my truck and I use my phone for music and videos, youtube, facebook, etc., when I'm not in my truck. I guess the big plus for me is that I can talk for 6 hours straight on any Wifi service and have NO MINUTES deducted from my monthly plan. It's like having free VoIP!

    If you are going to stay with Verizon they have Free Blackberry Storm with a new 2 Year commitment. So something to look into.
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    I have Verizon for BB Curve and I have been very happy with it. I'm an APN and in school and while I too graduated in 92 - a smartphone is a necessity now. I have multiple apps on my BB which work well. My email comes quickly and I can deal with things quickly with my office too.

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