Blackberry Applications You Recommend?

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    I'm entering into a nursing degree programe in Sept (2009) and have a Blackberry Curve. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any software applications for Blackberrys that would help me in school and clinicals. I've found quite a few online but its so hard to tell if they're really good programs or not. Also if anyone knows of any free tools I could add onto my phone I'd love to hear about them. Thanks so much!
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    Hi there

    check out . Its free
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    Thank you so much! That software looks great!
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    Thanks Craig! Are there are programs you'd specifically recommend on there? There seem to be so many good sounding ones to choose from
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    thanks also that has help me as well.
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    when dl-ing epocrates be cautious that it is running ALL THE TIME (because it updates itself). it doesnt slow down ur blackberry though, so its fine.
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    Any other advice for blackberry apps? I have a 9700!