Best Tablet (the computer kind!)for nursing school?

  1. Hi, all-

    Just a quick question to those of you already in nursing school: do you use a tablet, laptop, or just your smartphone for school? If you use a tablet, is it beneficial to your classes or would my laptop work just as well? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   slbisker
    I am a 3rd quarter LPN student. We have mandatory laptops but I wonder if a tablet or smartphone would be better. I know alot of reference items are available for the ipodtouch / iphone. I think HIPPA can come into play with items that have camera's attatched though.
    But I still can't imagine anything better than pulling out my ipodtouch at clinical to ref. drugs/calculations/info.
  4. by   SparkleShine
    I haven't started yet but I would love to get an ipod touch since they have so many helpful apps you can download and carry with you rather than my netbook.
  5. by   caliotter3
    I have an HP tablet laptop and I would advise against anything HP since HP has announced they are leaving the computer/tablet sector of the market. That is, unless the current $99 sale price for the clearance on HP TouchPads (or whatever their name is) is too good a price for you to pass up. One can always hope they never need support services down the road.
  6. by   allergicanimal
    Get yourself a cheap netbook, a couple of flash drives and yes do spend on office, and maybe a wifi hotspot ( not really needed unless you dont have access at home, ) and make sure you stay off facebook, etc websites, read and you'll do fine.
  7. by   inky-york
    I'd say just stick with a cheap basic-use laptop that has a Gen. 2 processor. Old ones (2006 HP Laptops for example) have heating problems, so that's a huge issue if you have to constantly bring it outside the house. It depends on your budget but my cousin recently purchased a Sony for $700. It's light enough (for me at least) to carry around, the battery is pretty good (but bring your charger), and it doesn't have a heating problem like the old ones do. I have a few friends who use tablets/iPad but they're not nearly as useful as a real laptop/notebook; one of my friends uses a tablet laptop (touch screen/flip around) if you wanna go a bit more fancy and write notes on your screen lol.

    I didn't really find having a laptop/tablet to be necessary; I just needed any computer to do my paperwork/projects. But there were times when bringing it with me allowed me to do some last minute adjustments on homework and powerpoint presentations. Most of all, it got me through the BORRRRIINNNNNGGGGGG Science/Art of Nursing classes... =p
  8. by   akulahawkRN
    I got a decent Toshiba notebook that isn't a tablet. I really don't mind not being able to write on the screen. Mostly, it's because I can type MUCH faster than I can write. About the only thing I'd want is the ability to perhaps draw on the screen while I'm taking notes. Otherwise, I really do not have a problem with not having a tablet PC.
  9. by   tnbutterfly
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