Best phone for nursing school

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    I was just wondering from those of you that have already started school, which phone do you recommend? I start in August and we have to have a phone that we can download skyscape apps on. I have a BlackBerry torch, which is accepted, but our paper said ipod touch is recommended. Any suggestions?

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    First off the touch is not a phone.

    2nd it really depends on your carrier. While BB used to be the king, it has quickly and dramatically fallen out of fashion and the stop is nowhere in sight. I do not like BB at all. I use android and love it. I like being able to customize and tinker with a ton of things. My friends all have iPhones and they love them. so it really comes down to personal preference.
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    I have an iPhone. Love it. (5 out of 6 of us in the family have them) One daughter has an Android. Loves it. I plan on downloading Nursing Central to my ipad but can access it through Safari on my iPhone. It's going to depend on your carrier and personal preference. I also do not like BB. Had one for about 7 months and it self destructed with what should have been a simple update. I downloaded jr cmdr, wiped it, reloaded the OS and ebay'd it.
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    If your school says an Ipod touch is recommended, that means phones are probably not allowed in clinicals, as an Ipod touch has everything but the phone.
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    iPhones are okay. I have the HTC Aria and an iPod Touch, but I use the Aria FAR more...the apps for nursing are practically identical and I like it a lot better than the iphone!!! Honestly, as long as you have a smart phone, you're golden. In theory, anyways.
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    You first need to confirm your program allows a phone in place of the iPod touch. Many clinical sites will not allow phones. I have an iPhone 4 and love it but I'm prepared to not be able to use it in clinicals.
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    i like androids

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