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I am looking for a new phone and was wondering if anyone can make any suggestions on a phone for a nursing student. I am applying in Jan so I have a few weeks to decide on a phone. Thanks for your help!!!:specs:... Read More

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    I didn't really want to... but I reluctantly fell in love with my Iphone. I can't live with out it now. I understand not wanting an extra cost of data, but its totally worth it.

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    In regards to the ipod touch - which generation do you recommend that can accommodate all the apps?
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    I got a second generation 16gb refurbished one and it accommodates all that I have and about 500 songs and a movie and I have a lot of space left.
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    Seeing as this thread is more to do with Iphone, IPod and PDA's now will move this to the mobile computing forum
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    I love my iphone. It has great apps, but another option is still the palm devices. You can get a used Palm Centro on ebay for dirt cheap (just about any carrier), and palm units still runs all of the great medical software (epocrates, sanford guide, Thompson clinical xpert, etc). You don't need a data plan for a Centro either.

    However, it does have a camera if that is an issue.


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