Best phone for nursing school

  1. I was just wondering from those of you that have already started school, which phone do you recommend? I start in August and we have to have a phone that we can download skyscape apps on. I have a BlackBerry torch, which is accepted, but our paper said ipod touch is recommended. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   That Guy
    First off the touch is not a phone.

    2nd it really depends on your carrier. While BB used to be the king, it has quickly and dramatically fallen out of fashion and the stop is nowhere in sight. I do not like BB at all. I use android and love it. I like being able to customize and tinker with a ton of things. My friends all have iPhones and they love them. so it really comes down to personal preference.
  4. by   FLDoula
    I have an iPhone. Love it. (5 out of 6 of us in the family have them) One daughter has an Android. Loves it. I plan on downloading Nursing Central to my ipad but can access it through Safari on my iPhone. It's going to depend on your carrier and personal preference. I also do not like BB. Had one for about 7 months and it self destructed with what should have been a simple update. I downloaded jr cmdr, wiped it, reloaded the OS and ebay'd it.
  5. by   NeedchangeofPace
    If your school says an Ipod touch is recommended, that means phones are probably not allowed in clinicals, as an Ipod touch has everything but the phone.
  6. by   Maladroit
    iPhones are okay. I have the HTC Aria and an iPod Touch, but I use the Aria FAR more...the apps for nursing are practically identical and I like it a lot better than the iphone!!! Honestly, as long as you have a smart phone, you're golden. In theory, anyways.
  7. by   Southern Magnolia
    You first need to confirm your program allows a phone in place of the iPod touch. Many clinical sites will not allow phones. I have an iPhone 4 and love it but I'm prepared to not be able to use it in clinicals.
  8. by   ChrisCNA
    i like androids

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