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best nursing app?

  1. 0 What's your favorite cheap or free nursing app's? Preferably with review questions.
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    I like Medscape
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    Micromedex, and it is free
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    I like epocrates. It is not just for nurses but is helpful.
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    I'm using medscape , and i like it
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    I like Medscape.It's gooooooooood.
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    iTriage and it's free!
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    I like medscape too.
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    So, it's not really an info/question app but it's a very cool game. Resuscitation is an app where you're using your knowledge in cases to save the person's life. It doesn't go super in depth really so it's perfect for nurses or future nurses, I will recommend it to anyone though. It comes with a fair amount of cases but I was addicted so I've gotten through them fairly quickly and am ready to buy more. You can buy them based off speciality.