Best Iphone Apps for new grads?

  1. 0 I already have the Epocrates drug guide, and I studied for the NCLEX using an Iphone app and it was VERY helpful! Now I've got some med-surg flashcards but I'm still looking for:

    - Pharmacology flash cards
    - A drug guide that will cross-check meds for interactions... is it out there somewhere?

    Is there an app that you find particularly useful? Or that helped you in your transition as a new nurse?

    Advice appreciated!!
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    I like Davis's Drug guide better than Epocrates, but Davis's is $50, not free.

    Kathy White's Fast Facts series is very useful for the new grad, IMHO, but I use the hardcopy version, not the iPhone version.
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    Medscape has an app that has a cross-checking drug reference.
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    Your epocrates program should have the med-cross-check feature in the free version: it's the icon of two pills directly to the right of 'home' on the bottom. You add drugs to be cross checked using the + in the upper right corner
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    I think you get the best bang for your buck with skyscape bundle.
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    i like medscape ip4 app. its free and loaded with lots of info
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    I forgot about medscape... It IS really great. Also micromedex is fabulous too, and they come out with an update in June...
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    Micromedex has an iphone/ipad application for drug compatibility (IV) and drug interactions. We use the desktop version of it at work. They also make a pretty decent drug guide. Medscape is great too. I'm a personal fan of ePocrates though.
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    Dragon Medical is pretty cool - you just speak the word/words you are looking for and it links you to: medscape, medline, IMO, google &

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