Best Apps for a nursing student with an iPad?

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    Hi all! I'll be starting a two year associate's degree at community college in the Bay Area, CA in the fall and I was wondering what apps are useful in studying and staying organized during the school year and for learning body parts, etc.

    I know a lot of people think that just notebooks and leaving technology out of it is the easier way but I'm looking for input on what apps are useful! Thanks!

    Admin Note: be sure and download the iPad and iPhone app here!
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    Nursing Central is a great package.
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    I just bought an Ipad because I think it could be of help during the Nursing Program. I've heard that ppl recommend it. However, I'd also like to know of any app that could be helpful. I like Evernotes since you can have it in your cellphone, PC/mac & Ipad.
    About the Nursing it's really expensive. I don't think I can buy something like that.
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    I've used Evernotes for a while and I love it. I have it on my iPod, Android phone, and I use it on my computer. I'm not sure I want to shell out $200 for the Nursing Central package but if it becomes absolutely necessary I will.
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    We were required to get nursing central at my school and I love it very helpful and the drug guide is very helpful
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    I just began my program at UT this summer and I've been using an Ipad 2 as my ONLY computer. I do have a laptop, but I just find it more convenient than a laptop. I'm able to use Blackboard, watch videos, type notes, take notes on Power Point, etc.

    So far, here are my iPad necessities for Nursing School:

    A Bluetooth Keyboard. This makes taking notes MUCH easier. Buy the Apple one.
    Smartcover. Keeps it safe, stands it upright.

    Pages. This app allows you to type up fantastic documents and notes.
    Notify. This app allows me to import Powerpoints and take notes on them.
    DropBox: This app stores all my files and is accessible from anywhere. I keep all my class docs on there.
    Micromedex: Just a Pharm drug reference. Indespensible for clinicals.
    Penultimate: In case I feel like taking written notes on the Ipad. But I use this rarely.

    That's really it. I type all my notes on the ipad. I save all my files in DropBox. I even have most of my textbooks on the Ipad. People come rolling into class with huge backpacks and heavy laptops. All I have is an Ipad and a keyboard
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    I don't know the exact name of the app, but the NCLEX quiz cards are awesome. They will help you a lot with not only studying for the NCLEX, but also for studying for nursing school. Just search for NCLEX in the app store, it's usually the top result.
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    The Skyscape Nursing Constellation Plus App is great, a bit costly but extremely helpful. If your interested PM me and I can send you a link that brings it down from the original price of 209.00 to the sale price of 179.95 then down again to 155.00 the app includes:

    Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses
    RNotes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide
    Diseases and Disorders: A Nursing Therapeutics Manual
    Davis's Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests With Nursing Implications
    Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 21st edition
    Archimedes 360 Medical Calculator
    MedAlert - Medical Alerts and Clinical Summaries
    MedStream - Skyscape's dynamic medical information channels1

    There are also other ones you can choose from that have some different stuff in them or you are also able to purchase some stuff individually if you are just looking for something in particular, but the link gives you 25% off any purchase.
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    I haven't started my program yet but here's a couple of things I really like: 1) notes plus- I have notetaker hd and like it too but strictly for note taking notes plus is better IMO. 2) ihomework. 3) textbooks via vitalsource bookshelf.
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    definitely Evernote, Dropbox, i love PDF expert great for taking notes and highlighting handouts
    google calendar, flipbook
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