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Best apps for Itouch?

  1. 0 What are your must have nursing apps for your I touch? And any other favorite app downloads you might want to share.....
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    Medscape, epocrates, micromedex, med equations, drug infusion, acid plus, abg, kathy white's fast facts for adult critical care, med calc, emgergency and critical care, used to have skyscape but some of the programs cost too much (IMHO)

    I'm assuming you only want work ones? :-)
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    never assume....I am new to all this so any suggestions are appreciated
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    Ditto on micromedix, epocrates, medcalc, skyscape, and I get Lexicomp through my institution.
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    Micromedex is SUPERB - it is better than Lexicomp IMO. I also really like ABG, DrugInfusion & Lab Values.
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    I have a bunch of Internet Radio apps on my Ipod Touch. Stuff like ESPN radio, IHeart Radio, Pandora, Shoutcast, ect. I have the Nursing related apps on my Windows Phone 7 device.
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    OK now let's rephrase the question or fine tune things a you need medscape and epocrates? which apps do you USE the most either for work or pleasure?
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    for pleasure: words with friends!
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    Ones I listed for you are the ones I use the most for work. For fun: facebook, twitter, regular and work email, netflix (LOVE that one), also my satellite radio as well as iheart radio, newspaper sites, shotgun santa (a game I LOVE), stardate app (I'm a trekkie and love computing the current stardate), star trek phaser, downloaded a star wars app but it was basically an ad for the new blu ray discs.....bout all I can think of right now. Sky's the limit for sure
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    love words with friends!
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    Angry birds, pandora, micromedex, kindle
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    MedlCalc, Micromedex, First Aid

    Facebook, IMDB Movies & TV, Movies by Flixter, Words with friends, Unblock Me, Paper toss, angry birds, Epicurious (recipes), AroundME, Traffic Rush, Valet Hero