Apps for Nursing School

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    Hello fellow cohorts!

    Is anyone currently using any apps for nursing school? I have an android phone with tons of apps (quite a few for nursing) Some are free and some cost $20, $30, $50.... Is there a name of a particular app, even on iphone? It is helpful? May become helpful after nursing school?

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    I've been thinking about getting some, like NANDA diagnoses and a drug ap. What have you got that you like, and how much were they?
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    I haven't bought any. I can see them on my android market. Some are as high as $50! I'm sure useful after NS but wondering if useful during NS......
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    I have an Android phone. Any good free ones?? I start in January and I need all the help I can get haha.
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    OK so did some "in between" research and found a useful website

    Talks about various apps that can be use for RN students. Also has an app listed for $149...yes....$149.00!! I do not think I will be getting it but for those with deep pockets, hey give it a try and let me know how it works.

    There are however, a few $2 and $3 app for medical abb/term, etc. Site also recommends other apps for writing notes, etc.
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    I have Epocrates and Mini Nurse, they are free and neat but I realized I have not used them even once since I've downloaded them.
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    Here's a site that lists some:

    I'm thinking about getting the Nursing Diagnoses, Davis Guide and the Pocket Book of Lab Tests.

    Then I won't have to haul those books to class or clinical.
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    The problem with apps to substitute for books at clinicals is a lot of hospitals and nursing programs have a pretty firm "no cell phones out in use on the floor" rule. I have found the apps I got to substitute for books to be pretty useless, given that I cannot get my phone out at clinicals without either breaking a rule or looking like I am texting.
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    this is a good place to start. I have Nursing Central which was pricey,but I am using it constantly.

    We are not allowed to have phones, but we are allowed the IPOD Touch. It is neither a phone nor a camera.
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    I wonder if there a flash card apps for science... or something.