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    [FONT=book antiqua]So I finally gave in and got a smart phone (Iphone 4s). I am looking for some good/helpful apps. The last list on here was in 7/11. Anything you recommend? I am still figuring this phone out. Thanks!

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    Pocket Careboard, Nursing Central and Skyscape
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    I love Epocrates! It's free! Comes in handy! I also like RN Notes.
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    Depends on what field of nursing you are in... I really like ICU Pearls, Nursing Central, as well as Normal Lab Values. They are all free too!
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    I use Medscape, QX calculate and EMSG (medical spanish) and it has audio. These were all free apps as well that make my day to day much easier
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    I use micromedex as a quick look reference for meds. I also like aacn2go. they are all free.
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    Just a word about ePocrates: for drug references it is always important to use your facility-mandated drug reference.
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    Thanks for the info guys. I am downing loading ICU pearls and Normal lab values now
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    I love medscape! Easy to earn my CE when I have downtime. Also lots of medical news updates.
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    When I first got out of school I download every nursing app but since I have been working these are the only ones I use.
    Apps I use every day in the ED
    Calculator: just the crappy one that comes with the phone works fine.
    Drug guide: I use Davies from Nursing Central but when it is time to buy again I will get it from skyscape (the company that owns NC is on my stool list). Epo is fine, Micromedix is good.
    Calendar: "oh crap I have to work tonight"

    Apps I use once in a while
    Tabers: mostly for spelling, google also works
    Google translate: when I need to tell the pt to pee in the cup and I dont want to go get the blue phones.
    Lab values: when the Doc orders so funky lab or I have a brain fart.
    Mooncast to tell what kind of night I am going to have.
    Timer: remember to get that 4hr tylenol level on that OD

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