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Hello fellow cohorts! Is anyone currently using any apps for nursing school? I have an android phone with tons of apps (quite a few for nursing) Some are free and some cost $20, $30, $50.... Is there a name of a particular... Read More

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    Quote from superV

    this is a good place to start. I have Nursing Central which was pricey,but I am using it constantly.

    We are not allowed to have phones, but we are allowed the IPOD Touch. It is neither a phone nor a camera.

    I saw the Nursing Central app as well. And I did think about how "they" may not allow us to use phones on the floor however what about for study notes and/or in between breaks, lunches, etc. I am certain there will be moments when something comes to mind and if you can get 5 min away, it can help.

    This is new aged technology era, I like that iPod touch are allowed. I was thinking of getting an ipad - I will wait to see if such devices are allowed; I mean it's like walking around with a laptop yet lighter and more versatile.

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    I have an iPad, iPod touch (First edition), and iPhone. I personally keep Apple stock afloat :-) Of all the devices, the iPad is my favorite. I use it in class with the application "Noterize" It allows me to import PDF and powerpoint presentations, then record the lecture, highlight slides, and type or handwrite notes on each slide. Saves me a fortune on toner cartridges, and the audio recording is specific to each slide. So if slides 1-6 are no problem, but slide #7 is kicking your backside, then scroll to slide #7, read your notes as you listen to the lecture specific to that screen. No more scrolling back and forth trying to find the part you are looking for.

    Many, many of the textbooks are available online. Again, no carrying the 12 pound textbook. However, before investing in the e-version of your textbook make sure it is not in Flash mode. As you may know Apple does not support Flash on its mobile devices. Kozier & Erb's Nursing fundamantals 8th edition is unfortunately a Flash version. (Costly learning mistake.)

    I use Davis Drug guide from unbound medicine ($49.00) approx. the same as the print copy. It includes updates throughout the first year. Subsequent updates will cost another $49.00. But the application will continue to work at the end of the year. However, my experience at the hospitals during clinicals is hospital print editions are usually much older than 1 year. I particularly like the "favorites" ability. As I prep for a client, I look up each drug for my client, and add it to favorites. Then I have all the meds prepped, researched, and available at a seconds notice, if I have a question. At the end of the day, I delete all the favorites (30 seconds max) and I am ready for my next clinical client.

    Epocrates available for free, has a great interactions feature for medications. I can again add all the meds for my client, tap Interactions checker, and it gives me a list of possible interactions ranked by severity. Epocrates also has images of the medication as availble from different manufacturers. Perfect for when the client says "That doesn't look like my medication."

    I use many other applications for help here and there. But so far, these three are my all time favorites. If you took them away, I would be seriously bummed.
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    I forgot to mention in the above post that the Davis drug guide is also available from Medical wizards for the same price. The difference is at the end of the year the software no longer works and you are required to purchase another years subscription or do without. The wizards version also does not have the favorites function. On the positive side it has medical calculators built into those drugs that require it ie. weight based medications, etc.
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    Thanks for all the information! If anyone hears and sees something that may be useful, please share. In this day in age where technology has certainly taken over, why not use to our full advantage.

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