Anyone use HP IPAQ 212?

  1. Hi,

    I am looking into a PDA style thing. My major must have is Mims (the Aus drug reference). I got really excited when I found out that Mims was available on the iPhone, but it is a web account, not a standalone program. Unfortunately I don't know what the web access is going to be throughout the hospital...
    But the IPAQ has a 4" touch screen, windows mobile 6.1, I will be able to have a standalone Mims with access to quarterly updates, it also has a mims interactions program too.

    There are other stuff that I can get to for windows mobile, which I'm happy with and various ebooks and such.
    I just want to know if anyone has any specific experience with this particular model.
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  3. by   Emergency RN
    i can't answer your question but i've been lusting after the ipaq 200 series (210 - 214 are actually all the same, variations due to regional locations or distribution channels) for some time now. i did have the old ipaq 6515 phone, which finally bite the dust, along with all my skyscape programs (sob). i still have the programs but now no machine to use them on. my latest samsung (should be some dung imho) phone is just a phone (no windows mobile) so it's rather useless as a pda.

    still, 400 bucks for the basic unit is a lot of bucks. throw in the usual accessories (dock, belt carrier, extra battery, and whatever cool knick knacks) and we're close to double that. <sigh...>

    santa? are you listening? :d
  4. by   Michelle123
    She's beautiful isn't she

    I am asking family and friends who wanted to get me something for birthday/christmas/graduation then I am taking donations for this.

    I'm hoping that way it isn't such a huge amount that I have to put in, then I can purchase extras for it along the way.

    Plus, hubby can get it at cost price as he will order it through the business.
  5. by   Emergency RN
    Quote from Michelle123
    She's beautiful isn't she
    Excuse me whilst I wipe the drool from my keyboard... <sigh...> Good luck Let us know when you get it, how it turns out.

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