Anyone purchase Nursing Central app for their IPhone?

  1. I have seen the Nursing Central app from Unbound Medicine it cost $160!!!!!! Has anyone purchased this? Is it worth it? I would love to reduce the amount of books I am carrying around.

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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    There are a few post using this application but I personally have to experience with it
  4. by   By_His_Grace
    I have an iphone. I haven't heard of this application. I need to research it. The only app that I've heard people use is Eppocrates (spelling?), and I'm not sure if that was with an iphone or not.
  5. by   U2BCool
    Thanks By His Grace!
    I looked at the website on
    It looks good, some reviews stated that it was required for some nursing school programs. I am not sure how true that is. I appreciate any feedback.
  6. by   Up2nogood RN
    I did buy it on my android phone and love it. I esp use Davis's drug guide & Taber's. I think its well worth the money when you consider what each separate book would cost.
  7. by   babynurse2b2010
    Probably the best purchase I made during school. I used it often and still do daily being a graduate nurse in pediatrics. It really does come in handy.
  8. by   Robublind
    Try micromedix for a drug guide and Medscape for everything else. Both are free. I have nursing central and I think these two apps are as good.
  9. by   BacktotheBeach
    I am a second quarter nursing student and I use Unbound Medicine constantly. It is well worth it!! Davis Drug and the Diseases and Taber's make it essential. Everyone comes to me to look stuff up, it is fast and easy and right there in your pocket!
  10. by   mcubed45
    totally worth it. if you haven't bought a regular drug book yet, save your money and buy Nursing Central isntead. Davis's drug guide alone makes it worth it. Lookin up meds takes second isntead of minutes and it fits in your pocket.

    Medscape is a great free supplement but it isn't nursing specific. When you're writing careplans Nursing Central is a great help. Diseases & Disorders spells out your nursing diagnoses and plan of care for you.
  11. by   dtrmnd2sccd
    I used it every day of my ABSN program, and as a new grad RN I'm constantly looking up drugs that I'm giving ... the drug guide and Tabers are essential. Much easier to have an iPod in my pocket than to lug around a drug book or run to the nurse's station and track down Tabers...
  12. by   BamaBeachbound78
    My school requires us to download and purchase Skyscape, which sounds similar to what you are describing. I can't tell you how many a drug or medical term pops into my head and I need to look it up for clarification. The convenience of having drug and medical info at the touch of your hand is priceless.
  13. by   Wiscgirl
    Is there an annual fee for this app aside from the $160 cost of the app? Thank you.
  14. by   Robublind
    It usually runs $99 a yr but you really only need to update the Davies drug guide. That is 50.