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I have seen the Nursing Central app from Unbound Medicine it cost $160!!!!!! Has anyone purchased this? Is it worth it? I would love to reduce the amount of books I am carrying around. Thanks!... Read More

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    My school requires us to download and purchase Skyscape, which sounds similar to what you are describing. I can't tell you how many a drug or medical term pops into my head and I need to look it up for clarification. The convenience of having drug and medical info at the touch of your hand is priceless.

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    Is there an annual fee for this app aside from the $160 cost of the app? Thank you.
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    It usually runs $99 a yr but you really only need to update the Davies drug guide. That is 50.
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    i only have medscape and im loving it. most especially its free =)
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    Unbound Medicine | Nursing Central for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile, and the web here is a 10% off discount for nursing central that was given out on twitter by a nursing student @classyRNstudent. Worth the $$!!
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