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If you do, do you have insurance on it? I was told that State Farm will insure them if you have a current policy through them for $30 a year. Do you like your iPhone or wish that you had gotten something else? Thanks!:D... Read More

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    What do you mean?

    After leaving a facility?

    I just wipe my itouch down with a cloth, sometimes my shirt...

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    Lol i clean it with Sani wipes, but I also have it in a case. Nothing like blood on the iphone searching for a drug! I try NOT to pull it out in the ambulance.

    When i start in the MICU, hopefully i won't need to use it b/c i'll have a computer handy, nearby!

    I use the skyscape nursing suite. It "sometimes" requires internet access... I don't know sometimes i use it and it crashes on me, if that happens i connect to wireless and then it works. most of the time it doesn't crash, so i can't tell you honestly if you HAVE to have a connection. That would be a good question for the medscape customer service rep!
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    iPhone junky here. Don't have to use WiFi for programs from Skyscape and Epocrates. They are my essentials. I sold my Palm Tx a year ago, never to return to Palm again. Gave up on my Dell Axim in less than six months. I use my iPhone almost hourly for looking stuff up quickly. Can't go wrong.

    I keep my iPhone in a case, in my pocket and occasionally wipe it with the sani cloths provided in the ER (case, not the phone). Usually take the case off the phone every other week and wash it at home with dishsoap, wiping the phone down with clorox or lysol wipes. No problems!

    You will love the iPhone and look as kewl as Bond using it.
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    I have insurance on mine.

    I LOVE my iPhone. I have programs on it like Epocrates and the RN Pocket Guide. So helpful for me, especially as someone who will be a new nurse (hopefully) within a year.

    Only thing I will say is that I wish I had gotten an iTouch instead. It seems more useful for the clinical side of things.
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    Quote from NCLEXBound
    Only thing I will say is that I wish I had gotten an iTouch instead. It seems more useful for the clinical side of things.

    How so? The itouch is almost the same except it has less than the iphone.
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    Because the iTouch does not have the cell phone capability, it leaves so much more free space on the gadget to download software and applications.

    For me, I like my phone to have music, pictures and other random stuff on there, which doesn't leave much room for the serious stuff. I like the idea of having one device that holds all of my "professional" tools.
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    I didn't even consider much memory does the cell eat? I have an itouch but was considering getting the iphone-but don't want to lose lots of space...
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    You know, I don't know how much exactly. What I do know is that my friend has an iPhone, and we both have that same pocket guide installed, and it takes her SO MUCH longer to open the app. I was told that because there is a phone function on the iPhone, that memory is always being taken up by that. Because the iTouch doesn't have that capability (along with others) it frees up the whole phone to open programs faster.
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    That's very interesting food for thought. See, I wanted to upgrade to the iphone, but not activate it. Just really wanted the camera. I'm holding out for verizon to pick up the iphone (sometime after 2010).

    But. maybe I should hold off.. Thanks for the info!

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