Anyone have an iPhone?

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    If you do, do you have insurance on it? I was told that State Farm will insure them if you have a current policy through them for $30 a year. Do you like your iPhone or wish that you had gotten something else? Thanks!

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    I have one... good tip on state farm! I love my iphone. Problems using it as my PDA in nursing school: If your hospital doesn't have wifi and you can't get good ATT reception, then you are screwed for trying to use apps like, your translator, and your drug guide... So make sure you bring your books jic!

    I don't have it insured, but I do have a policy with state farm and i definitely want my phone insured because APPLE/ ATT won't do it and its a freaking $400 replacement...
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    I have an itouch, but no phone.

    I wouldn't bother insuring it. You can get a 2 year plan when you buy it for $24 at most places anyway.

    I love it! Sooo many apps. They even have ekg cards, med calc and other nursing apps, or just fun stuff like games.
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    I'm technologically behind....

    do you need an internet connection to access apps on an iphone? what about itouch?
    does anyone recommend any other type of pda?
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    I got one about 8 months ago, I didn't like it @ 1st, but gradually I've gotten more familiar w/and like it more and more all the time.

    I don't think you need an internet connection w/all of the apps, but a lot of them, you do. I'm no techno natural, but this thing is FUN!!
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    Yea, it's way fun, adn you need internet for most fun aps but not all. I have wireless in the house and you will find lots of people have wireless that you can tap into though.
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    did you get your apps from medscape? I hear there is a great site..I think it's medscape, where you can purchase apps..does anyone have familiarity with those and if they need internet?
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    You go to the itunes store and set up an account. I bought Nursing Central from unbound medicine. It was $$, but stuck the receipt in my tax file. I also have a "Jaundice" app and a "Breastfeed" app (I work NICU) and a website for neonatal ultrasounds.

    there are several of us @ work w/iPhones, so I bought an extra a/c charger for work. Very convenient.
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    Got all my aps from itunes as well...
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    thank you! how do you clean them after leaving a facility?

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