Anyone got the Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-PN ebook?

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    Just wondering if anyone has the Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-PN ebook and if you recommend it.
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    Anyone? I want to know too
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    I just bought it, but I'm just starting nursing school so I can't tell you diddly squat about how good or bad it is...

    However, I did buy it because after searching past posts on this website, a lot of people swear by it. It also had rave reviews on amazon and B&N compared to other review guides.
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    ooooooh. ebook? Do they have the RN one in this format too? I am interested in the Saunders one as well. I have not only heard it's the best from folks on allnurses, but from students at my school.
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    I saw on another thread, Kaplan has many nursing e books free this week, including Kaplan NCLEX review. You can put them on Ipods, Ipads etc.