Any good i pad apps that may help for med surg

  1. 0 Just wondering maybe for meds?
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    My work uses micromedex so I loaded it my phone too. I also have epocrates on my phone as well. Both apps are free. I'm sure there are good apps that you pay for, but I'm too cheap to do so...
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    I have an iPhone and I have Lippincott NCLEX Q&A app. As far as meds, I like Epocrates. Both are free and amazing! Hope this helps.
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    DAVISMobile Nursing Procedure Checklists. Awesome for those times in clinical when you just start to go blank and need a quick brushup.
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    I, too, use Micromedex and Epocrates. Great apps for new and veteran nurses, as well as some of the more "tekkie" patients.

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