AN iphone nursing tutorial video

  1. I just made a video showing how to best use the iphone or ipod touch to navigate with ease

    Enjoy, please post a reply on what you thought about the video and any suggestions. Thanks

    Click here for High Quality Video

    Here is a lower res youtube video:

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  3. by   txnurstud
    This was a great tutorial on allnurses...thanks!
  4. by   nursestudent1975
    Thanks! Didn't realize how easy it was to bookmark something. Now allnurses is on my first page of apps
  5. by   Brian
    Cool, glad you found it helpful!
  6. by   manika19
    thanks for the info! =)
  7. by   skicheryl
    Thanks Brian,

    I was able to add the allnurses icon to my iphone following your tutorial!

  8. by   RiverNurse
    Sweet! The tutorial was very informative! RiverNurse

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