AN iphone nursing tutorial video

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    I just made a video showing how to best use the iphone or ipod touch to navigate with ease

    Enjoy, please post a reply on what you thought about the video and any suggestions. Thanks

    Click here for High Quality Video

    Here is a lower res youtube video:

    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed. View this video at YouTube
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    This was a great tutorial on allnurses...thanks!
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    Thanks! Didn't realize how easy it was to bookmark something. Now allnurses is on my first page of apps
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    Cool, glad you found it helpful!
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    thanks for the info! =)
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    Thanks Brian,

    I was able to add the allnurses icon to my iphone following your tutorial!

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    Sweet! The tutorial was very informative! RiverNurse

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