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My teenage daughters both have IPod touches and I love the feel of it. I have a Palm TX and I love the capabilities, but I hate how bulky it is. Right now, I have Skyscape's constellation, tabers,... Read More

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    Quote from docbkh

    If it didn't come with OS 3.0 (if you can search your device by scrolling page 1 of your desktop to the right, you have OS 3.0 installed) I'd hold off on getting it for a bit. A number of apps are not updated to run on 3.0, and a bunch of people have had assorted problems upgrading to 3.0.

    Just my $0.02...
    To see what OS you're running, go to "Settings" then "General" then "About". You'll see the OS listed under "Version". I bought mine back in December, and just went to the App store and upgraded to 3.0 for $9.95. Had no problems with the download. So far Nursing Central works fine.

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    I am pretty sure Skyscape is native to your Ipod so WiFi shouldn't be an issue. Question for you - do you think not having a stylus would be a hindrance? Trying to decide b/w Ipod Touch and the HP Ipaq for my first year of nursing school .
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    I started w/ a Palm (couple versions), then went to a PPC (Treo), and I'm now using the Touch. I'd have to say that the Touch has been the least cumbersome to enter data in. It takes a bit to get used to, but I'm not looking back (for a stylus)!
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    Thanks Docbkh! With so many things to get used to less cumbersome sounds great

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