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Missouri State Nursing Programs is available to network with other nursing students living in Missouri. Discuss nursing schools, NCLEX Pass rates, HESI, TEAS, and entrance requirements. Forum closed for new topics.

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  1. Anyone here apply to UMKC's Accelerated BSN program?
    Moved by KDEM413 Jul 13, '10
  2. Anyone going to or went to Chamberlain College of Nursing-St. Louis Campus?
    Moved by CSellers3 Jul 14, '10
  3. anyone on the wait list for STLCC??
    Moved by Ziggie06 Jun 9, '10
  4. UMSL Fall 2010 Traditional BSN Program
    Moved by 2012RN2b Mar 1, '10
  5. What's the best accelerated BSN program in the St. Louis area?
    Moved by pitterpattershoppe Jul 10, '10
  6. TEAS
    Moved by haleygirl_27 Jul 9, '10
  7. Balancing nursing school and life
    Moved by chembob Jul 23, '05
  8. can any students, graduates of chamberlain comment on this post?
    Moved by lilidra10 Jun 18, '10
  9. Admissions to UMSL nursing school
    Moved by FriendlyGhostRN Feb 11, '08
  10. Chamberlain RN to BSN on line program
    Moved by renee1126 Jun 4, '10
  11. Anyone starting a nursing program in fall and need a roommate or apt. suggestion?
    Moved by cacurlytop May 11, '10
  12. How does Chamberlain look at your GPA?
    Moved by Ziggie06 May 4, '10
  13. applying to Chamberlain, Goldfarb and Lutheran School of nursing?
    Moved by Ziggie06 Apr 29, '10
  14. Chamberlain Summer/Fall?
    Moved by RN9742 Feb 5, '10
  15. Chamberlain Nursing
    Moved by rosavoyles Mar 4, '10
  16. Anyone apply to St Louis  CNL masters entry?
    Moved by cacurlytop Apr 28, '10
  17. Penn Valley waiting list
    Moved by Judy31 Apr 21, '10
  18. Question on where to go...stl area
    Moved by jamiemarie321 Oct 12, '09
  19. Does anyone have any pros/cons on NAU nursing school
    Moved by jamly07 Mar 26, '10
  20. accredited lpn to rn bridge programs
    Moved by MzCie Mar 24, '10
  21. Anyone going to Avila University Fall '10?
    Moved by Abowers28 Mar 26, '10
  22. Concord
    Moved by lkatch Feb 1, '10
  23. Anyone starting Chamberlain in March?
    Moved by jenn11107 Jan 11, '10
  24. UMKC's RN to BSN program, anyone?
    Moved by mondkmondk Feb 27, '10
  25. chamberlain college
    Moved by bheh14 Jul 24, '08
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