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    I have read some older posts here that said it could be 2 years before getting into the program. I am currently carrying a 4.0 on my prereqs and plan to have all the points before applying for the Spring 2011 prgram but am still VERY nervous about getting in when I would like. Is there anyone who was wait listed or maybe someone who got in and can tell me what kind of wait time they experienced? Any information at all would be fantastic, Thank you!!!

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    I haven't found any answers to this question for myself...I sent an email to the advisor from the website & am waiting for a reply. I'll post here again if I find anything out. I'm applying to multiple programs.
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    As it stands right now they are averaging 250 applicants for 60 slots, so you basically have to ace all the pre-reqs, have high COMPASS scores, and try to get all of the "points" to get in.
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    I am working on my Pre reqs right now. I was told by email that there is no waiting list you just have to go through the application process.

    I'm going in sometime this week to actually talk to an advisor to see what I need to do.

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