UMSL prereq's

  1. Hi All,

    Quick question regarding the prereq's for UMSL. I am currently at STLCC but want to transfer to UMSL. I have a 2.76 GPA (back in school after ruining my GPA when I was younger ) and I have already completed A&P, Micro, Biology, and Chemistry. How do I calculate my science GPA? Also, according to their website, I need to have completed the general education classes. What are those classes?

    One more question, if I failed a class in the past at STLCC, and I retake the same class. That will replace the grade on my transcript correct? How does that affect my GPA?

    Thank you in advance for any help!
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  3. by   beingthechange
    Call Umsl and meet with a nursing program advisor. 313-516-6066 They are super friendly and helpful. Good luck!