Umkc program vs. Missouri State

  1. Hey,
    I'm a high school student who has just applied to UMKC and Missouri State. I need help choosing which one to go to.
    UMKC's major attracting factor is the 1yr academic -3yr clinical program and the fact that its only an hour away from home, but I have no real idea how much better the 1-3 program is compaired to the 2yr academic -2yr clinical. I love the Missouri State Campus, a lot of my friends are going there, and the price is better for me if I go there. however, the price will not be the deciding factor, and it is also almost 5 hours away which will be quite a drive. I would also like to work as a nurse in KC whe I get older.
    If you could tell me your experience at whichever one you went to, and which program is better I would really appreciate it. I am really stuck.
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  3. by   jsdoty
    I'm currently in UMKC's Accelerated Program and would highly suggest it since you'll be a traditional student. MU's program is also good however at UMKC you start in clinicals your sophomore years opposed to junior year at MU. That's 1200 clinical hours vs. 900 hours. You'll definitely have more clinical experience through UMKC which always looks good on a resume!