Thinking of moving to St. Louis

  1. 0 I am currently a nurse in Sacramento. I graduated may 2010 and have been working since September 2010. I think I am having a little burn out as well as some life changes I think I need to make. My best friend who is like my sister moved to st Louis 4 years ago and I have yet to find someone l can confide in or feel comfortable around, but my family is in Sacramento area. I am single with no children. I am thinking of moving out to st Louis but I know. Othing about how nursing in Missouri differed from California. Are there nurse to patient ratios, if not what tasks do I as a nurse do if I have 6-7 patients. So many questions and no one to answer them.
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    you could always try to take a travel nurse position where your friend is-maybe stay with her if able and you can pocket the housing money-then you will see if you like the area and want to stay there. or you could keep traveling around. or maybe you need to try a different type of nursing...lots of things you can do!

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