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    I'm starting the Upper Division at Barnes in September and I was wondering if anyone knows whether you have to buy your textbooks at the bookstore or if you can find out what books you need and then get them somewhere else.

    When I was doing my prereqs I saved LOTS of money getting them online and I would sure like to do that if it's possible. Anybody have any ideas...


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    I believe we have to use the textbooks from St Louis College of Pharmacy website.
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    If you haven't already found out (since it's been 6 months since you posted) you can look at your textbook list on the Mathews Bookstore (STLCOP) and although they don't give pertinant info like ISBN's you can usually get enough info (like author and book name) to be able to find the books online. Good luck! Hope you are doing well in class! :typing
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    lovescoffee- Any chance you'd want to sell some of your books? It looks like I am starting when you're finishing, and I'd be happy to buy some books from you

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