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stlcc dosage calculation test.

  1. 0 I was just wondering what the dosage calculation test was like at St Louis Community College Forest Park. I have taken the practice test and feel confident about it. My question is are there any other types of questions on the test that are not on the practice test? Is it multiple choice or fill in the blank? I taught myself to do the dosage calculations and am a little nervous about taking the actual test. I know there is a class but if its exactly like the practice test it will be easy and I'd rather save my money. Thanks.
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    I was wondering this also. I'm currently taking my pre-req's at Forest Park and was going to possibly take the nursing math class this summer. Did you take your pre-req's there?
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    I took most of mine at SIUE and am currently taking the remaining at STLCC.
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    What do you have left to take at Forest Park? You haven't by chance taken Biology here have you? I'm trying to decide if I want to take it over the summer? I work full time and have 2 little ones, 8 and 4, but it'll be summer so no homework for them.
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    Yeah I took it at siue over a year ago. I don't remember what it was like.
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    I have anatomy 1&2 left plus a math, statistics and ethics if I want to apply at Barnes.
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    I took mine at meramec last year and got 100% my first try. I have forever considered myself "math challenged" and all I did to prepare was take the practice test and read/do the exercises in a book put out by Kaplan called Math for Nurses. There really wasn't anything on the actual test that wasn't on the practice. The test is all conversions and calculations where you write in the answer yourself and they tell you what to round to.
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    Thank you
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    One of the best things you can do if you are unsure of your math skills. I would suggest that you take the Continuing Education "Nurse Math Class". Its only 35.00 and only meets 3 times for 3 weeks. I did that and I made 100% on the drug calculations test.

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