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Starting salary in Missouri

  1. 0 I am curious about what I can expect to make as a RN in St.Louis, I am currently working at St.Johns and I hear a lot of Nurses complain about their earnings. But They do not want to return to school to advance their degrees to BSN's...I know BSN earn only .25 more than ASN's but they can benefit much more when it's time to advance. My goal is to become a Nurse Practioner so I expect to make more in the future. BUT What is the average starting slary in St.Louis at our hospitals. I was told that they only start at $ 18.00 I really would like to ask but I hate asking people private questions like what do you make. So if someone on this forum could give me a heads up Thanks!
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    My new grad pay is $20/hr base pay plus differential.
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    Just started in November as a new grad for SSM and pay is $19.55 + differentials
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    St John's starts @ $19.50/base + tech exp + shift diff + BSN (50 cents more per hour)
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    I started w/ an ASN at 20.50/hr last January--now am up to 21.60 plus a 3.50/hr night diff and 1.25/hr added diff on wkends.

    Best wishes!
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    Oh, I'm in KC--I've heard st louis pays less!