St. Louis CNA training

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    Hi! I am working on my pre nursing classes right now and want to work in the field while I'm going to school.

    I'd like to work as a CNA if I can. Can anyone recommended a place to get that in the St. Louis area (I live in Kirkwood)

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm in the same boat you are! It seems that almost all of the hospitals require you to have your CNA before you can work as a tech (per the Missouri Law), unless you can find one that'll train you, and I haven't had luck getting a call back for any of those I'm currently at St. Charles Community College and they offer a CNA course. Its open enrollment, I think its 8 or 10 weeks long, class is either one day/week 8-3 or 4? and then you have to set up your clinical hours in addition to that. St. Louis Community College also has a program, I think they call it Nurse Assistant for Nursing Homes, I think its an evening program but every time I try to sign up its already full. I'm planning on doing the SCCC one in the spring.

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