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St. Charles Community College

  1. 0 Does anyone go here or know anything about it? I want to apply to other nursing schools, but didn't know about SCCC.

    If anyone knows, how long is the waitlist?

    BTW, this is in Missouri.
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    I applied last August and was put on the list for Fall of I would say that the wait list is quite long. I am working on my prereqs now (A&P, Chem, etc.), taking 12 credits. I am taking classes that not only qualify me for the SCCC program, but other (BSN) programs in the area. I am trying to keep my options open in case I decide to apply to another school. So far I am making A's in all of my classes (knock on wood). From a cost standpoint, it is a very good option. However, I am also looking at SLU and Goldfarb right now.
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    Moved to MO Nursing Programs for more response.