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Hi. I am new to this website - I just registered today. I am starting the nursing program at St. Charles Community College this Fall semester. I have read over the program information for both the lab and lecture and it looks... Read More

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    Im a junior in highschool and i was thinking about applying for the nursing program at SCCC but i heard it was really hard to get into, is this true? and when should i apply?

    Id really appreciate the help

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    You should speak with a nursing advisor as soon as you get into the college. They will let you know when you should apply and you will also find out when you're eligible. Good luck. I'm currently in the first semester now. Its tiring but great!
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    Hello! My name is Michelle, I am new to this site, applied for 2012 RN program and I have chem and micro left after APII this semester. Taking dosage calc in Jan. I am so ready to start the program! I read all the previous posts on this thread, the program sounds demanding but rewarding. Anyone who has done or is in the program at SCC, what are clinicals like? My mom is an RN for 30+ years and she says at first the instructor will be with you and after a while you are by yourself and quizzed on a pts medical info like allergies etc. and clinical students are basically free labor. At least thats how it is at her hospital in STL. I know clinicals are obviously necessary but I was wondering how your experiences have been? Thanks!
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    I'm currently in my first semester of the program. Its very strenuous and time consuming. There is constantly work to be done. As for clinicals, I like them. We are free labor but we learn a lot. You have your choice of day or evening clinicals and everyone seems to love them.
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    Im really scared i wont get in because everyone keeps telling me how competitive it is at SCC! How long will it take me to finish my prerequisites? Im still trying to decide whether it would be better for me to get my bsn or apply at SCC for the rn program.
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    Bnb: u should go see a nursing advisor ASAP! There is a ton of stuff to do before you can APPLY to the nursing program and about a year of general Ed classes... U should take two bios and a chem in high school if u still can... It will help get some prerequisites for the nursing classes (not program) done... And save u some time... It could be a year or two process, although they say there is "no wait list" but they have admitted upto fall 2013 already so you do end up waiting!Get in there ASAP! The website says call for an appointment but now they only take walk ins 9-7 m-th and until 5 on fri.For those of u waiting to take dosage test for admimissiOn prior to fall 2013, not including lpn bridge, they admit the first 80 people to pass the dosage test, and have about 250 people scheduled to take it and they are having a great passing rate and plan on stopping the exams soon due to filling the 80 spots!!!! Sucks! And you are schedule in the order you cOmpleted the application process...

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